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ADNOC Virtual Energy Center

Our Story

ADNOC Virtual Energy Center

Step into the ADNOC Virtual Energy Center, the first-of-its-kind online platform where you will discover how we are transforming into an oil and gas company of the future.

The immersive 3D experience offers an insight into ADNOC’s full value chain and the role that we play in enabling socio-economic development by ensuring a reliable supply of energy to power global growth.

Access four main virtual rooms with a series of interactive exhibits, and learn how we have stayed resilient as we deliver on the ADNOC 2030 strategy to create a more profitable upstream, more valuable downstream, and a more sustainable and economic gas supply, all supported by more proactive and adaptive marketing.

The ADNOC Virtual Energy Center tells the extraordinary story of leveraging innovative technologies to enhance efficiencies, optimize performance, and reinforce our commitment to environmental stewardship.