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3D Mega Seismic Survey

The World’s Largest Continuous Onshore and Offshore 3D Seismic Survey

3D Seismic Survey

In an unprecedented move, ADNOC has embarked on the world’s largest 3D onshore and offshore seismic survey to pinpoint potential oil and gas reservoirs up to 25,000 feet below the surface, across Abu Dhabi.

The survey will enable ADNOC to identify and unlock new opportunities, maximize value from its hydrocarbon resources, and ultimately deliver on its 2030 smart growth strategy. ADNOC will deploy the industry-leading technology to develop high-resolution 3D images of the complex subsurface structure, with data density up to five times that of existing industry standards. Seismic vessels and ocean bottom nodes will be used to acquire data in the Abu Dhabi waters, while broadband frequency vibrator trucks will survey the onshore desert areas. The use of advanced technologies and methodologies will improve efficiency and reduce operational time.

The seismic data from the survey results will be received by ADNOC’s Thamama Subsurface Collaboration Center, where geoscientists will interpret them. The Center is known for building static and dynamic models of the subsurface and is used to characterize and model potential hydrocarbon reservoirs. The technology used for the survey will help ADNOC identify future oil and gas development as well as production opportunities in the most efficient way possible.

ADNOC works in collaboration with the Environmental Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) to minimize the impact of its operations on the marine ecosystem where the survey is being conducted. Not only are the survey procedures environmentally friendly, but the seismic crew reports important marine life sightings such as dugongs, turtles, and dolphins to the EAD.

Offshore Seismic

Onshore Seismic